Total supply: 978,989    Price USD: 0.232$   Price EGG: 0.0334 EGG

Within the Waves Network, three pools exist: PETE/EGG, PETE/WAVES and PETE/USDT-ERC-20, each subject to a 1% transaction fee on PETE token trades.

One half of the PETE fees is burned, while the other is distributed as staking and NFT rewards. In the PETE/EGG pool, EGG is also burned.

Furthermore, for those interested in Ethereum Network trading, you have the option to participate through the Uniswap Pool.

Buy $PETE and receive PETE NFT and a lifetime up to 5% trading fee reward!

As PETE price rises, more NFT prizes for PETE holders will unlock. Starting at $1 price, a portion of fees will benefit PETE NFT owners.

With the fees being burned, the PETE token supply will decrease gradually. Staking PETE and NFTs will add value to the token. Access PETE and NFTs staking smart contract here.