Introducing the Pepe DUCK token


Address that buys $PETE at 0.1 $EGG gets PETE NFT and 10% of all trading fees forever!
We also launch the PETE/EGG and PETE/WAVES pools. In these pools, a 1% fee is applied to all transactions involving PETE. This fee is burned in the PETE/EGG pool, while in the PETE/WAVES pool, only PETE tokens are burned.

Additionally, 99% of the tokens are added to the PETE/EGG and PETE/WAVES pool, while the corresponding LP (liquidity provider) tokens are burned.
As PETE price grows we will be unlocking NFT prizes for PETE holders. Starting from $1 price a part of fees will go to PETE token stakers.

As all trading fees are burned, the supply of PETE tokens will steadily decrease over time. PETE and NFTs staking will create a utility for the token. PETE and NFTs staking smart contract available here.